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Amsterdam Seeds from One of the Most Renowned Dutch Suppliers – Here to Delight Our Customers

Amsterdam Seeds from One of the Most Renowned Dutch Suppliers – Here to Delight Our Customers

Amsterdam is known to the world not only as an amazing, vibrant city and home to the Van Gogh Museum – it is also one of the top destinations when it comes to exploring the finest Cannabis, with Amsterdam seeds being among the most sought-after gift given to the world by the Venice of the North. Our seeds come from Dutch Passion, one of the best Amsterdam-based suppliers of Cannabis seeds, one of the oldest and most respected seed banks in the world and a company that makes quality, reliability and innovation their top priorities.

The History Behind Our Amsterdam Seeds

Cannabis has been first used for recreational and medicinal purposes for over five thousand years – the first documents that mention the usage of Cannabis in food date back to almost three thousand years before our era. The history of our supplier is long as well – its founder started growing and experimenting with Cannabis seeds more than forty years ago. As a trained biologist and pharmacologist, he made efforts not only to develop the best breeding practices that made it possible to preserve classic strains in their purest form, but also to create original, award-winning and highly appreciated strains of his own – work that has made him and his company not only the winner of over fifty cups, but also one of the best and most respected suppliers of Amsterdam seeds.

What Makes Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds Stand Out

Quality and incredible variety are two of the most important qualities of the seeds coming from our Amsterdam-based supplier, as well as two of the most important principles that guide us when providing top-standard seeds to our customers. Strains developed for medicinal and for recreational purposes, auto-flowering varieties, feminized hybrids, classic seeds, varieties developed to be grown outdoors, indoors or suitable for both types of breeding are all available in our inventory, thanks to our long collaboration with our Dutch partner.

Our selection is based on the wide range of strains offered by our supplier – they carry around fifty different strains and the large inventory comprises not only classics, but new varieties as well, all of which having been tested for quality. Our seeds offer the performance and the quality that meet the needs of the experienced grower as well as of beginner breeders – whatever our customer’s expectations regarding the appearance, the taste, the smell or the effects of the nug, whatever our client’s requirements regarding breeding and performance, our Amsterdam seeds will surely cater to all requirements.

The Canadian Seed Bank That Will Meet and Exceed All Your Expectations – Locally and Through out North America

The Canadian Seed Bank That Will Meet and Exceed All Your Expectations – Locally and Through out North America

Seeds of the highest quality, from the most renowned and most reliable suppliers, outstanding customer service, quick and easy purchase, discreet delivery and convenient prices – these are the features and qualities that make our Canadian seed bank your go-to source of marijuana seeds. If you are planning to grow your own plants, we will not only supply you with the best seeds, but we will also assist you every step of the process.

Benefit from the Highest Quality with Our Canadian Seed Bank

You will surely be able to find what you are looking for in our vast inventory. Classic seeds with a long-standing reputation, numerous award-winning strains, innovative products that make the most of modern breeding practices, autoflowering varieties and feminized strains are all there in our extraordinary selection. Strains developed specially for medicinal purposes and recreational varieties are readily available in our bank as well – browse our inventory to look for the desired effects, and you will see that, whatever your expectations, we are the go-to Canadian seed bank that can meet and even exceed them.

Our selection will also meet growing-related requirements – whether it is indoor varieties that you are looking for or you want seeds that perform well outdoors, whether you are a beginner looking for a strain that is easy to handle or you are an experienced grower who can handle sensitive strains, you will find what you are looking for among the seeds we supply.

Easy Ordering and Reliable Delivery

We make quality our top priority not only when it comes to our seeds, but also when it comes to the ordering and delivery process. Our ordering and payment system is easy to use and, with us, you can be sure your purchase is safe and your data confidential. We do everything we can to guarantee the highest service standard from every aspect – order placement is fast and straightforward, and the delivery will be prompt and discreet.

Try our products and services – check our massive inventory, find out about our various strains from the detailed descriptions attached to each of them, then make up your mind about the variety that works best for you or contact us for more information. Our Canadian seed bank provides products and services of the highest quality, and we have proven time and time again that we are a provider you can trust completely.


Northern Lights Seeds – The History Behind This Legendary Strain and the Qualities That Make It One of a Kind

Northern Lights Seeds – The History Behind This Legendary Strain and the Qualities That Make It One of a Kind

Northern Lights Seeds – The History Behind This Legendary Strain and the Qualities That Make It One of a Kind

Like the well-known natural phenomenon bearing the same name – a spectacular, awe-inspiring result of the collision between two types of particles – Northern Lights seeds are the result of the crossing of two extraordinary NL phenotypes: one that gives this legendary hybrid its resistance to pests and mold and its unmistakable, powerful and very pleasant taste, smell and high, and one that gives the plant its potency and short flowering times. Being one of the first strains to be successfully grown indoors and also one of the quickest growing strains, its genetic material has been used to develop numerous other famous strains, making Northern Lights what it is today: one of the most influential cannabis strains ever.

The History of the Strain

Very little is known about how this Indica-dominant hybrid (about 95% Indica and 5% Sativa) was first created, but, according to the most widely circulated story, eleven Northern Lights hybrids were developed in the Pacific Northwest from landrace strains that originated from Central and Southeast Asia and then spread to the Netherlands, where the strain received its final composition from two phenotypes, NL2 and NL5.

The Quality that Make Northern Lights Seeds So Extraordinary

The nug looks, smells and tastes great. The bud is dense and of a vivid green color, and the flavor is fresh and citrusy, as you anticipate when you look at the bud. The high it gives lasts for about 2-3 hours and it is one of relaxation, comfort and euphoria – the quality that has made it one of the strains that are most effectively used for ameliorating depression, anxiety, chronic pain, as well as insomnia.

Easy growing, both indoors and outdoors (in warm climate areas, of course), high yield, and short flowering times are also among the most important features of the plant, making Northern Lights seeds among the most sought-after strains today.

Why Chose Feminized Seeds?

Why Chose Feminized Seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that solely turn out feminine marijuana plants. However, there are some misconceptions regarding marijuana, feminized marijuana seeds and hermaphrodites (plants that show intersexuality) that ought to be taken into consideration. Not like a lot of complicated organisms, marijuana isn’t firmly one sex or the opposite. It’s an awfully uncommon plant that it’s both an annual plant which is dioeciously (producing separate male and feminine flowers on completely different plants), however each marijuana plant has the flexibility to supply flowers of the other sex in some situations.

Feminized seed are developed in such a way that they ensure that all of the plants grown are completely female as opposed to male/female plants that regular “non-feminized” seeds will produce.

Typically, breeders will mate two female plants together which will result in only female offspring (seeds). This is accomplished by using gibberellic acid or colloidal silver which will force the female plants to produce “female pollen sacs”.

Now, if you wanted to set up your own specific cannabis breeding program you would definitely need male plants. However, you would end up throwing away half of your stock as unusable… which can be a frustrating waste of time and effort for people who just want to grow their own supply of buds.

When you start growing with high quality feminized seeds from a reputable supplier line Niagara Seed Bank, you can stop worrying about which gender your plants will be, and have faith in the fact that every last one of your plants is going to make you some fantastic female buds!

Growers don’t typically like the presence of many male plants in their crops. This is mostly because male plants produce far less THC as compared to the female variety. Needless to say, more THC means that you will get more buzz from your buds.

Feminized seeds have been and will continue to be the best choice for growers given the fact that they allow for efficient use of space, maximum bud yield, and the best return on investment.

So, what is the catch with using female marijuana seeds? It all depends on where you are getting them from. A poor-quality source will supply seeds that can turn into mixed gender plants.

Niagara Seed Bank only selects seeds from the most trusted breeders in the industry. Give us a call today and let us help you chose the best strain to start your crop!

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