Blueberry Seeds to Grow Resilient and Beautiful Plants and Nugs That Provide a Unique Sense of Relaxation and Well-Being

Blueberry Seeds to Grow Resilient and Beautiful Plants and Nugs That Provide a Unique Sense of Relaxation and Well-Being

Blueberry seeds enjoy tremendous popularity for a reason. The plant has received its name mainly from the blue hues noticeable in the buds and in the leaves, but also due to the light and fruity aroma of the nug and of the smoke, too. Though this is a sensitive plant recommended for breeders who already possess a certain amount of experience, Blueberry is way worth the effort – no wonder this beautiful, fresh-flavored strain is a long-time coffee shop favorite.

The History of Blueberry Seeds

Consisting of 80%Indica  and 20% Sativa, Blueberry has been around since the 1970’s. It was developed on the West Coast of the US after testing various Sativa strains native to Thailand, Mexico, and Panama and then mating them to a potent Afghani Indica strains. The resulting strain underwent further refinement during the 1980’s and the 1990’s, becoming what it is today: a masterfully created, highly refined and pleasantly relaxing variety. Blueberry has been tested in outdoors and indoors conditions as well, the final strain being best suited for indoor breeding.

The Benefits of Blueberry Seeds

This A-lister strain is considered to be strong, but its high is energizing, rather than exhausting, making the plant equally favored by those who are looking for some relaxation as well by those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. The sense of relaxation is achieved with the help of a sweet-tasting, fresh-scented nug that is also known for its stress relieving and pain killing qualities and has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic fatigue, migraines and depression as well.

Blueberry has lots of benefits for breeders as well:

  • The plant is relatively low-rising, reaching the height of about 2-3 feet by the time it starts flowering;
  • The flowering period is relatively long, around 7-8 weeks;
  • The plant is thick and dense, bringing high yields;
  • Blueberry buds are dense, too, but after harvesting they are not very sensitive to the humidity in the air, thus having a long shelf-life.

Special looks that combine green and purple hues, a distinctive taste and smell and relaxation-inducing effects that cannot be mistaken for the sensations provided by any other variety – these are the features that account for the popularity of this extraordinary strain. You will need a little bit of experience to be able to provide your Blueberry seeds with the best treatment, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

Amsterdam Seeds from One of the Most Renowned Dutch Suppliers – Here to Delight Our Customers

Amsterdam Seeds from One of the Most Renowned Dutch Suppliers – Here to Delight Our Customers

Amsterdam is known to the world not only as an amazing, vibrant city and home to the Van Gogh Museum – it is also one of the top destinations when it comes to exploring the finest Cannabis, with Amsterdam seeds being among the most sought-after gift given to the world by the Venice of the North. Our seeds come from Dutch Passion, one of the best Amsterdam-based suppliers of Cannabis seeds, one of the oldest and most respected seed banks in the world and a company that makes quality, reliability and innovation their top priorities.

The History Behind Our Amsterdam Seeds

Cannabis has been first used for recreational and medicinal purposes for over five thousand years – the first documents that mention the usage of Cannabis in food date back to almost three thousand years before our era. The history of our supplier is long as well – its founder started growing and experimenting with Cannabis seeds more than forty years ago. As a trained biologist and pharmacologist, he made efforts not only to develop the best breeding practices that made it possible to preserve classic strains in their purest form, but also to create original, award-winning and highly appreciated strains of his own – work that has made him and his company not only the winner of over fifty cups, but also one of the best and most respected suppliers of Amsterdam seeds.

What Makes Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds Stand Out

Quality and incredible variety are two of the most important qualities of the seeds coming from our Amsterdam-based supplier, as well as two of the most important principles that guide us when providing top-standard seeds to our customers. Strains developed for medicinal and for recreational purposes, auto-flowering varieties, feminized hybrids, classic seeds, varieties developed to be grown outdoors, indoors or suitable for both types of breeding are all available in our inventory, thanks to our long collaboration with our Dutch partner.

Our selection is based on the wide range of strains offered by our supplier – they carry around fifty different strains and the large inventory comprises not only classics, but new varieties as well, all of which having been tested for quality. Our seeds offer the performance and the quality that meet the needs of the experienced grower as well as of beginner breeders – whatever our customer’s expectations regarding the appearance, the taste, the smell or the effects of the nug, whatever our client’s requirements regarding breeding and performance, our Amsterdam seeds will surely cater to all requirements.