Northern Lights Seeds – The History Behind This Legendary Strain and the Qualities That Make It One of a Kind

Like the well-known natural phenomenon bearing the same name – a spectacular, awe-inspiring result of the collision between two types of particles – Northern Lights seeds are the result of the crossing of two extraordinary NL phenotypes: one that gives this legendary hybrid its resistance to pests and mold and its unmistakable, powerful and very pleasant taste, smell and high, and one that gives the plant its potency and short flowering times. Being one of the first strains to be successfully grown indoors and also one of the quickest growing strains, its genetic material has been used to develop numerous other famous strains, making Northern Lights what it is today: one of the most influential cannabis strains ever.

The History of the Strain

Very little is known about how this Indica-dominant hybrid (about 95% Indica and 5% Sativa) was first created, but, according to the most widely circulated story, eleven Northern Lights hybrids were developed in the Pacific Northwest from landrace strains that originated from Central and Southeast Asia and then spread to the Netherlands, where the strain received its final composition from two phenotypes, NL2 and NL5.

The Quality that Make Northern Lights Seeds So Extraordinary

The nug looks, smells and tastes great. The bud is dense and of a vivid green color, and the flavor is fresh and citrusy, as you anticipate when you look at the bud. The high it gives lasts for about 2-3 hours and it is one of relaxation, comfort and euphoria – the quality that has made it one of the strains that are most effectively used for ameliorating depression, anxiety, chronic pain, as well as insomnia.

Easy growing, both indoors and outdoors (in warm climate areas, of course), high yield, and short flowering times are also among the most important features of the plant, making Northern Lights seeds among the most sought-after strains today.