The ability to switch from vegetative phases to flowering automatically without requiring any adjustment to the amount of light the plant is exposed to is the quality that makes the best autoflowering seeds so popular nowadays. Indica and Sativa are still the two main types of cannabis used in the composition of the most popular strains, but the demand for plants that are not photoperiod-dependent has brought a third type into the picture: Ruderalis, the component that makes strains more resilient, helps maintain high yields and great quality while also reducing the plant’s dependence on light cycles.

The History of Autoflowering Seeds

The idea of adding the best qualities of Ruderalis plants to Indica-Sativa hybrids has its origins in Northern Europe and the Northern parts of Russia, where Ruderalis proved to be able not only to survive, but also to thrive under the temperature and light conditions characteristic to colder climates. For a long time, Ruderalis was considered to be an inferior type of cannabis, characterized by low yield and low THC content, but advanced breeding techniques have eliminated weaknesses and kept the strong points. The strains that use Ruderalis genetics are relatively young – autoflowering strains emerged during the second half of the 1990’s, but they have become very popular by now. Autoflowering seeds are nowadays widely available and they have convinced numerous breeders that the qualities that Ruderalis adds to these strains are numerous and valuable.

What Makes the Best Autoflowering Seeds So Popular

Autoflowering varieties are the preferred choice of beginner breeders, but more experienced breeders also acknowledge the benefits of these great strains:

  • The plants are not tall, usually growing to around 2.5 feet by the time they start flowering;
  • Flowering being induced by the plant’s maturity, rather than the photoperiod, the plants can be expected to start flowering within a few weeks after the seeds have been planted;
  • The presence of Ruderalis adds qualities related to flowering cycles without influencing the taste, the smell and the quality supplied to the nug by the Indica and/or Sativa strains present in the composition of the hybrid;
  • Autoflowering seeds are a great choice for beginners who are not familiar with the photoperiod-related requirements of the breeding process;
  • The yield provided by the best autoflowering seeds is usually as high as the yields provided by Indica-Sativa hybrids.

The best autoflowering seeds are high-yielding and resistant to environmental and thermic stress, and they can also be trusted to produce high-quality nugs – with these plants, you will surely get the quantity and the quality that you expect.